Top 10 Pharma Companies Companies in India

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Top 10 Popular Pharmaceutical Industry in India

  • Currently, India is at third place on the globe with a point of view of the largest pharma industries. In rising market of pharmaceutical companies in India, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Visakhapatnam are most widespread centers.
  • Most pharmaceuticals companies and industries in India are maintained by foreign parent companies. Due to fewer labor costs and the second-largest populated country, India became a good place to trade the business here.  While the other companies which are held by Indian companies are less productive and small or medium enterprises.
  • It is also noticeable that the patients in the country are also increasing drastically. Whereas the Indian pharmaceutical companies are also pushing themselves very hard to provide their services in better and convenient way.
  • This is also an influencing factor that in India there is less availability of modern pharmaceutical apparatus and appliances. It also makes foreign and Multinational companies invest and jump through the pharmaceutical industry in India.

There are many other factors that influenced the market of the Pharmaceutical industry in India. For further information regarding top industries and companies read the article below.

Top Pharma Companies In India

Most Popular Pharma Companies Companies in India 2017


10. GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd


In 1924 the industry comes to India as H J Foster and Co. In 1947, they started the production of medicines at Glaxo’s Worli plant. GlaxoSmithKline mainly trades Medicines, Vaccines and Prescribing Information as for their main tradings. Their Slogan is Do more, feel better, live longer. They save and prevents 2 to 3 million childhood deaths every year by providing vaccines and infants to the children. You can probably find all vaccines and healthcare products at their pharmaceutical outlets. Visit their official website for more records and information at GlaxoSmithKline official website.

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd Facts and Figures
Established 13 November 1924
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Revenue 2729 Crore
Subsidiary of  GlaxoSmithKline plc

9. Divi’s Laboratories

Divi's Laboratories

The industry was founded back in 1990 for the production of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) & Intermediates for Generics. They basically offer Building blocks for Peptides, Building blocks for Nucleotides, Carotenoids and Chiral ligands as their main tradings and business.

Currently, they built laboratory and production house on a 500-acre site at Hyderabad as Unit-I. the plant comprises of 13 multi-purpose production segments and sections. Further, they have space for additional extension and expansion. The lab industry set up its second pharmaceutical production building at Visakhapatnam as Unit-II. on a 350-acre site. The site has other 14 multi purpose generation sites. If you want to know more about the laboratory visit here at Divis Lab Official Website.

Divi’s Laboratories Facts and Figures
Established  1990
Headquarters  HYDERABAD, Telangana, India.
Revenue  4181 Crore
Market Capatalization 24,847 Crore

8. Torrent Pharmaceuticals

Torrent Pharma

The pharma industry was founded back in 1959 by the Torrent group founder Shri Uttambhai Nathalal Mehta. Torrent’manufacturing facility at Indrad, Gujarat, was set up in 1989, currently, they are operating on over 194,000 sq. meters and providing Multi Product, Versatile Facility, Upgraded to International Standards.


The Torrent’s team has 130 extremely motivated and skilled experts and scientists regularly distributed between Chemistry and Biology. Torrent Pharma is currently one of the top pharma companies in India with very significant improvement in recent years. In the year 2015, Torrent acquires 100% stake of Zyg Pharma. Read more about the pharmaceutical industry at Torrent Pharma.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Facts and Figures
Established 1959
Headquarters Amedabad, Gujarat, India.
Revenue 6600 Crore
Net Income 17500 Crore
Market Capitalization 22,774 Crore

7. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals


The pharmaceutical industry was founded by Gracias Saldanha back in 1977. BY the time of 2011, the founder of Glenmark was the richest person in India. The industry was primarily used to manufacture the generic drug and active pharmaceutical ingredient. In 1999, the pharma industry went public.

The pharma industry’s API market sells goods and products in over 80 countries including the United States, various countries in the EU, South America and India. The pharma company produces most Medicines and Vaccines. They have established themselves as a discovery of new molecules both NCEs (New Chemical Entity) and NBEs (New Biological Entity). They keep expanding themselves with With 17 manufacturing facilities and 5 R&D centers across the globe. Read more at Glenmark Official Site.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Facts and Figures
Established  1977
Headquarters  Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Sales a Year 8100 Crore
Area Served Worldwide
Market Capitalization 26,026 Crore

6. Aurobindo Pharma


Aurobindo Pharmaceutical was founded by Mr. P.V. Ramaprasad Reddy and Mr. K. Nityananda Reddy back in 1986 with other experts in group and scientists. The company basically produces Formulation, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and Organic Intermediates related to antibiotics, antiretroviral, cardiovascular products, central nervous system products, gastroenterological, and anti-allergics. The company has trading and business market in over 125 countries with these products and has 70% of its revenues derived out of international operations. You can read more about the pharma company at Aurobindo Website.

Aurobindo Pharma Facts and Figures
Established 1986
Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Revenue 12,120 Crore
Marketing Partner AstraZeneca and Pfizer
Market Capitalization 42,454 Crore

5. Cipla


The industry was founded by Dr. K. A. Hamied back in 1935. The industry has manufacturing facilities in Goa, Bengaluru, Baddi, Indore, Kurkumbh, Patalganga, and Sikkim. While they have field stations in Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad in India and in Belgium, Surrey, Miami, Florida, Cape Town outside the India.

Cipla Pharma basically trades and produce Pharmaceuticals and diagnostics products and medicines to treat cardiovascular disease, diabetes, weight control, arthritis, and depression also other medical conditions. Currently, the industry announced their turnover is more than USD 2 Billion. They also have currently announced their mission as; “Cipla’s mission is to be a leading global healthcare company which uses technology and innovation to meet everyday needs of all the patients.” You can read more about the industry at Cipla Official Website.

Cipla Facts and Figures
Established 1935
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Revenue 10,483 Crore
Total Assets 10,968 Crore
Market Capitalization 52,081 Crore

4. Cadila Healthcare

Cadila Pharmaceuticals

The industry was founded by Ramanbhai Patel back in 1952. The industry is been doing extra ordinary since last some years. They have crossed a turnover of Rs. 250 crores in 1995.  Then recently the company posted revenue of over Rs. 9600 crores. The organization had posted a turnover of Rs. 4600 crores and announced to be the pharma industry as a billion dollar company.


With many types of research and improvements,  it aims to become a global research based pharmaceutical company by 2020. The pharmaceutical industry is also famous as Zydus Cadila Pharma Company. You can read more about the pharma industry at Cadila Official Website.

Cadila Healthcare Facts and Figures
Established 1952
Headquarters  Ahmedabad, India
Revenue  54,700 Crore
Also Known as Zydus Cadila
Market Capitalization 38,677 Crore

3. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Dr. Reddy's

The Pharmaceutical industry was founded by Kallam Anji Reddy back in 1984. The pharma company has over 190 vaccinations and medicines. They also have many overseas branches and production house. The industry owns over 60 active pharmaceutical ingredients for drug manufacture, diagnostic tools, critical care, and biotechnology products.


The company has some brand products as Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Losartan Potassium, Finasteride, Sumatriptan. In 2014 Dr. Reddy Laboratories was placed in top most trusted industries in India. Primarily the industry started producing active pharmaceutical ingredients. The company made its first overseas office in Russia in 1992.  Their slogan is “Good Health Can’t Wait.” You can read more about the pharma industry at Dr. Reddy Laboratories Official Site.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Facts and Figures
Established 1984
Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Revenue 15,697 crore
Total Assets 20,010 crore
Market Capitalization 63,779 Crore

2. Lupin Limited


The pharmaceutical company was founded by Desh Bandhu Gupta, an Associate Professor at BITS-Pilani, Raj. in 1968. The pharma organization was named after the Lupin flower as of the inherent characteristics and properties of the flower and what it represents and stands for.

Other than ranking 2nd in the list of top pharmaceutical industries in India the company also is the 7th largest company in India by market capitalization and also 10th largest pharma company in the world. The company is a 5th largest company in the US and fastest growing pharmaceutical company in South Africa.

They basically produce Pharmaceuticals, branded and generic drugs as their main trade. There are many subsidiaries such as Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Kyowa Pharmaceutical Industry Co. Ltd, I’rom Pharma Co. Ltd., Pharma Dynamics, Multicare Pharma, Generic Health Pte. Ltd. Hormosan Pharma GmbH Naomi B.V., Lab Grin, Medquimica, Biocom Russia, Temmer Germany by the Lupin Pharmaceuticals. You can read more about the company at Lupin Official Website

Lupin Limited Facts and Figures
Established 1968
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Revenue 13,147 Crore
Profit a Year 2,508 Crore
Market Capitalization 84,193 Crore

1. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

Sun Pharma

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited Facts and Figures
Established 1983
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Revenue 31,578 crore
Total Assets 54,219 crore
Market Capitalization 2,17,636 Crore

The Sun Pharma Company was Founded in 1983 by Dilip Shanghavi. They took very low time and highest revenues as well as capitalization to be on top pharma company in India. Currently, their products related to carbamazepine, etodolac, warfarin, anticancer, clorazepate, peptides, sex hormones, steroids, and controlled substances. are traded and sold over in 150 countries. Their main medicines and vaccines are based on diagnosis related to cardiology, psychiatry, neurology, gastroenterology, and Diabetology.


In 1983, the pharma industry was established with only two psychiatry products and two members of a team. It was the year 1996 when Sun Pharma starts developing and had sales and trade channels in over 24 countries. In 2004, they come with the revenue of US$ 1 Billion and announced themselves as billion dollar company. In 2007 they came out with SPARC (Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company) and there was sudden growth in the market value of the pharmaceutical company.

From last seven to eight years they declared as Top Pharma Company in India with maximum revenue and market capitalization. You can read more about the company at Sun Pharma Official Website.



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