Top 10 Nationalised Banks in India

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  • What is nationalisation of banks?

Nationalisation of banks is the process of taking over the assets and the ownership of the bank from any private corporation under public ownership. And the bank’s assets are managed by Government. There are total 19 banks which are under nationalised by the govt. of India. RBI (Reserve Bank of India), it was the first bank which is nationalised by Indian govt. in 1949. Most banks in India were merged with Government of India back in on 19 July 1969. Total 13 number of banks were there which merged with India Govt.

Top 10 Nationalised Banks in India 2018

  • Most of the banks in India were nationalised by the Government of India in 1969.
  • You have to note here that the figures are Indian Rupees.
  • The banks are listed in descending order, it will be pleasurable for you to read the article here.


Corporation Bank

Corporation Bank was primarily founded by Khan Abdullah Haji Abdullah Haji Kasim Saheb Bahadur in 1906. This bank was nationalised by the government of India 1960. Before that, the bank was the subsidiary of Canara Banking Corporation Ltd. The bank currently has about 10,378 Branch/ ATMs Outlets,  total service outlets across the nation. Read more about the bank at Corporation bank Official Website.

Corporation bank balance check no also you can find to check your mini statement.

Corporation Bank Facts & Figures
Established on 12 March 1906
Revenue 19,411.24 crore
Total assets 234,863.61 crore
Capital ratio 10.56%
Headquarters Mangalore, Karnataka, India


Indian Bank

The bank was founded by three men naming S. Rm. M. Ramaswami Chettiar, V. Krishnaswamy Iye and Annamalai Chettiar. Indian Bank was instituted on 15th August as a part of the Swadeshi movement. The bank has currently 2594 Branches in India whereas 227 Abroad Correspondent branches in 75 countries. The bank was nationalised by the government of India in 1969. Read more at Indian Bank Official Website.

Indian Bank Facts & Figures
Established 15 August 1907
Headquarters Chennai, India
Revenue 16,243.78 crore
Total assets 203,941.09 crore
Capital ratio 13.20%


Indian Overseas Bank1969; It was the year when the Government of India nationalised the Indian Overseas Bank. The bank was founded by M. Ct. M. Chidambaram Chettyar back in 1937. IOB has 3700 domestic branches, including 1150 branches in Tamil Nadu and has 3300 ATMs in all over India. You can get more information, facts and figures related to the bank here at Indian Overseas Bank Official Website.

Indian Overseas Bank Facts & Figures
Established 10 February 1937
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Revenue 23,517.29 crore
Total assets 274,436.76 crore
Capital ratio 9.66%


Syndicate bankThe bank was founded back in 1925 by Upendra Ananth Pai, T M A Pai, Vaman Kudva. The bank currently operating 3859 Branches including an overseas Branch in the UK, 12 Expansion counters, and 38 satellite offices. Syndicate bank was nationalised by the Government of India on 19 July 1969.You can have more information and records about the bank here at Syndicate Bank Official Website.

Syndicate Bank Facts & Figures
Established 1925
Headquarters Manipal, Karnataka, India
Revenue 6,913.09 crore
Total assets 299,073.34 crore
Capital ratio 12.03%


bank of IndiaThis bank was merged with India Government bank in 1969 when other 13 banks were merged with Govt. of India. Bank of India currently operates more than 5120 banks in India while 26 branches outside the India. Bank of India is a founder member of Society for Worldwide Inter Bank Financial Telecommunication abbreviated as SWIFT.

The bank of India founded by 8 members named Sir Sassoon David, Mr Ratanjee Dadabhoy Tata, Mr Gordhandas Khattau, Sir Cowasjee Jehangir, Sir Lalubhai Samaldas, Mr Khetsey Khiasey, Mr Ramnarain Hurnundrai, Mr Jenarrayen Hindoomull Dani, Mr Noordin Ebrahim Noordin and Mr Shapurji Broacha in 1906. Read more about the bank at Indian Bank Official Website.

Bank of India Facts & Figures
Established 7 September 1906
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Revenue 41,796.47 crore
Total assets 609,913.93 crore
Capital ratio 12.01%


Union Bank of IndiaCurrently, Union Bank of India operating approximately more than 4200 branches and about 7000 ATMs all around India. Union bank of India also has an overseas branch, Financial Centre and other offices Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia, Shanghai, Beijing, Abu Dhabi and in the United Kingdom. The bank was merged with Indian Government back in 1969 when other banks were merged with Government. Get more information about the bank here at Union Bank of India official website.

Union Bank of India Facts & Figures
Established 11 November 1919
Headquarters Mumbai
Revenue 32,198.80 crore
Total assets 404,695.90 crore
Capital ratio 10.56%


Canara BankIn 1906 this bank was founded as Canara Bank Hindu Permanent Fund.  The bank was founded by late Shri Ammembal Subba Rao Pai. Then the company was named as ‘Canara Bank Ltd.’ in 1910. Tha bank was nationalised in 1969 with other 13 banks. The bank has around 6089 bank branches and more than 10519 ATMs all across India.

The bank also has overseas branches, financial centres and offices in Hong Kong, Moscow, Shanghai, South Africa, Dubai, London, Doha, Bahrain, Tanzania and New York. You can have more facts and information about Canara Bank at Canara Bank Official Website.

Canara Bank Facts & Figures
Established  1906
Headquarters  Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Revenue  48,942 crore
Total assets  552,960.78 crore
Capital ratio  12.86%


Central bank of India

The bank was founded by Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala back in 1911. Central Bank of India was nationalised in 1969 with 13 other banks. The bank currently operating approximately 4730 bank branches, 5350 ATMs, and 4 expansion stands all around 27 Indian. The bank also has foreign offices, financial centres and expansion in Nairobi, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Doha and London. You can get more data about the bank at Central Bank of India official Website.

Central Bank of India Facts & Figures
Established  21 December 1911
Headquarters  Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Revenue  25,887.89 crore
Total assets  305,466.09 crore
Capital ratio  10.41%


Punjab national bank

Tha bank was founded by Great Indian freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai in 1894. The bank currently has over 82 million bank customers, 6,940 bank branches, more than 10680 ATMs all across the India. The bank has many financial overseas centres and offices at UK, Hong Kong, Oslo, Norway, Sydney, Kowloon, Dubai, Almaty, Shanghai and Kabul. You can read more about PNB at their Punjab National Bank Official Website.

Punjab National Bank Facts & Figures
Established  19 May 1894
Headquarters  New Delhi, India.
Revenue  47,424.35 crore
Total assets  667,390.45 crore
Capital ratio  11.28%


Bank of BarodaThe bank of Baroda is India’s top nationalised bank by the government of India. The bank was founded back in 1908 by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. Bank of Baroda was nationalised on 19 July 1969 with 13 other commercial banks.

The bank of Baroda has currently 5538 branches in India and overseas, and more than 10440 ATMs. The bank is also in Forbe’s Top bank’s list. Bank of Baroda is India’s one of the top banks in all ratios.

The bank says their mission is; “To be a top ranking National Bank of International Standards committed to augmenting stake holders’ value through concern, care and competence.” You can have all information and other additional records about the bank at Bank of Baroda Official Website.

Bank of Baroda Facts & Figures
Established  20 July 1908
Headquarters  Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
Revenue  42,199.92 crore
Total assets  694,875.42 crore
Capital ratio  13.17%

All these records and information provided here are provided here with the proper and appropriate research and investigations. So, the analysed data here is absolutely pure and real.

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