Qlinkgroup: Login Registration Process Supervisor Payment Proof With Review

If you are looking for make money with captcha entry work like megatypers which we called online capthca solving or typing online task here is the process and step by step guide with.

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Qlinkgroup: Login Registration Process Supervisor

Qlinkgroup: is the captcha solving site that is probably a trusted one along with the other compared sites. There is a good option for the home job seekers to earn a large amount through this captcha solving site. It pays you on time without any delays and at regular interval of time.

They have provided the option of free software and admin panel installation and for it you have to mail to the administrator of Qlink. Searching an administrator contact is quite tough.

Boost up your typing speed because as much as you type the captchas, the more is the chance for you to earn quickly. Minimum time it takes for one captcha to solve is 10-15 seconds. You can work as per your mood because it is available 24 hours.

Qlinkgroup: Login Registration admin panel


Get your payments weekly and earn extra by as many accounts you want. The pay rates vary in night time and day time. The pay rate for daytime is 0.50$ to 1$ for each 1000 captcha solving and for the night time it is $1 to $1.80 same as that for solving 1000 captchas.

The process or method for adding ID in Qlink software is as follows:

Initialize the software by downloading it and detach with Winrar or Winzip. Then administer Qlinkclient.exe file.

You will find “Option”, there you have to add your Link username and password and at last save it accordingly. You are in for solving captchas and start up your work. 


The main benefit of this captcha solving site and other is the pay rate for solving 1000 captchas. Others pay about $1.40 and Qlink captchas offer you about $1.80.As half of the users misuses this site, Qlink has its own terms and conditions to solve at least 800 captchas per week. 

The server of Qlinks works for 24 hours with the same speed. The work gets initialised from Monday and you have to solve 800 perfect captchas before Sunday.

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There are some other terms of Qlinks: 

  • Solve the captchas within 15 seconds or else you will be suspended and if it continues for a long time, you will be suspended permanently.
  • As and when you want to stop the work, you have to type the last image and then click Stop(ctrl+enter). This is the correct method for finishing up the work in Qlink captcha site.
  • Perfect and precise work is must I.e. you need to solve 90% of the correct captchas. 
  • If the image contains capital, than it strictly needs to be written in capital and similar for the small letters too. 
  • If the image is unreadable, there is the option for that too: use question mark (?) for it.
  • Suppose the image is in coding method, you have to decode it and input the correct answer.
  • In the image, if it is given the sum of any two digits, then you have to answer the sum of those two digits numbers.
  • If there is space shown in the image between two words, you have to write in a single word manner without leaving a space between those words.
  • Suppose two words are in the image and you can visualize only one, then type the word that is visible and leave the unreadable word.
  • Be careful before typing each captcha words, because if you repeat the same mistake again and again, you will be removed from Qlink without any notice.
  • All these above-mentioned terms and conditions if repeated again or tried to make some other excuses, then your account will be banned for sure. So work with all your attention and do not repeat the mistakes.


The payment is done by PayPal account or Perfect Money. If you are an Indian user, all the Indian Banks accounts are accepted for payment. 


Perfect Money and Web Money are the options for payment that are citizens of all other countries. For the payment request you have to apply on Saturday and thereafter you will receive it on Sunday.  

after sign up, you can start qlinkgroup work login here 


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