Proof Reading Jobs

Proofreading comes at the end of the editing process where the content and structure of the documents are been finalized. At last, the content needs polishing and thus ready to publish. This final step includes looking for and correcting typographical errors in grammar, style, and spelling.

You may also choose to work with a specific type of client proofreading all of their documents.

  • Bloggers
  • Coaches/Consultants
  • Court Reporters
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Restaurants
  • Local Businesses

Skill Requirements:

  • You will need great vocabulary and grammar skills.
  • Some sites may want a degree.
  • You will also need to know things like proper comma usage and standard proofreading marks.
  • Must know rules on grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviation, and word and numeral usage.


  • Minimum 18 years old or above
  • A Desktop Or Laptop
  • Microsoft Office Installed on your working PC
  • Internet Connectivity.
  • A Mobile Phone to connect with various clients.


$5-$10 for each page

exceeding the U.S. average hourly wage for proofreaders


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