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Hellooo!!!! Gujjus, This article is especially highlighted for the Garba lovers. The festival that is celebrated all over India, but most commonly all are aware of Garba i.e. traditional folk dance of Gujarat state.

Well, I have also mentioned some general information on this festive season. Majorly My focus is on Garba Songs that is played on Dj’s and speakers for this 9 days celebration.


Literally, the word itself says Navratri I.e. “Nine Nights” which is a Sanskrit word and also spelled as Navaratri or Navarathri. A Hindu festival that falls in the autumn of every year is celebrated by various rituals and customs in different states of India.

navratri songs gujarati

Such as “Durga Puja” is celebrated by the people from eastern and northeastern states of India. In northern and western states the festive is celebrated by name of “Rama Lila” & “Dussehra”. While In the Southern areas it is celebrated for the victory of different goddesses, of “Rama or Saraswati”. 


Even if the names are different, but the motive behind all the names is a victory of Good over Evil and the theme is from the epics like Ramayana and Devi Mahatmya. 


Each day till nine days the decoration of lights, enchanting the scriptures and shlokas, worshiping the goddesses continue on. The last day i.e. the 10th day called Dussehra or Vijayadashmi is celebrated by immersing the statues in the water and the other alternative is by burning the statue that symbolizes the destruction of evil.


The other two Navratris are minor and observed regionally or by individuals:

  1. Magha Navaratri: in Magha (January–February), winter season.
  2. Ashada Navaratri: in Ashadha (June–July), that is in monsoon season.


Well for the Gujarat State, it is very special and big festive, because all of them in small and large basis, in groups and individuals of all age people plays a folk dance called Garba. Thus here is the collection of Garba songs for the Garba lovers. 

  1. Kesariyo Rang – Falguni Pathak Click here
  2. Indhana Winva- Falguni Pathak See
  3. Der Mari angothdi no chor Check
  4. O Re Gori | Udit Narayan Click
  5. Nahi Melu Tara Fadiya Ma Play here
  6. Amba Abhay Pad Dayani Re See
  7. Dhire Dhire Chundadiye Rang Play here
  8. Khel khel re bhawani maa jai jai ambe maa see
  9. Aaj No Chandaliyo – Garbagarba
  10. PANKHIDA HO PANKHIDA By hemant Chauhan Garba See
  11. Chand Aaya Hai
  12. Nadi Kinare Nariyeli Re
  13. Sanedo Lal Sanedo Song
  14. Paavli Laine Hu To Video Song
  15. Maro Sonano Ghadulo See
  16. Maa Taro Garbo Zakamzol See
  18. Ghor Andhari Re Rataldi Maa
  19. umbare ubhi sambhdu re
  20. Tara Vina Shyam
  21. Dholida Tu Yeo Koi
  22. Jode Rahejo Raaj
  23. Shamlaji Ne Mele
  24. Dholida Dhol Dhimo
  25. Jhulan Morli Vaagi Re
  26. Dholida Dhol Re Vagad
  27. Chalo Bela Bambu Bechla Dandia
  28. Amba Aavo To Ramiye
  29. Sonal Garbo Shire
  30. Aayi Aayi Navratri Ki Raat
  31. Krishna Bhagwan Chalya
  32. Rame Ambe Maa Chachar Na Chock


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