Wanna know more about Clixsense Review? or Are you looking for clixsense payment proof? then here I have Explained How I made $5000 Using Clixsense In spare time. I am working with clixsense for a long time So if you are one who is searching Clixsense Then you must read it also!  and Take benefit of my experience cause I am promising you that you can even make more money than me. Just Give me a few moments for you to read this full article. 

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clixsense information

I have read lots of article about clixsense but most of the people and blogger writing any ad network review and writing it in their own language. You will not find anything new or real review cause they are still unaware of reality. Here I am just sharing my honest review and experience with you which will help you to earn more.

Not only already member of clixsense but even newbie can also start earning if anyone can spend the time to read this guide and case study how I make money through clixsense.

All about you want to know like clixsense legit or scam? or you may have a question in your mind clixsense real or fake? Everything I am going to cover in this article. The clixsense complaint, clixsense tips and tricks, Clixsense app and many more advanced tips which will increase your earning also.clixsense review


I know you are looking for the trusted site to make some money online and clixsense is one of the popular sites which offers you some online task. But if you are new to it and confused about how to start? where to start? and how to make money with clixsense then this article is made for you. After reading this you will know A to Z about clixsense.

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how to make money online with clixsense

I know there are lots of reviews about clixsense already published on various sites on the internet but here I am just sharing my personal experience on Geeknism.

I don’t know how people are making money from it but I will tell you just How I made some handsome income just by referring my friend to it.

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This is the case study and my experience as well so if you are new to clixsense and want to make some serious income then invest your precious time to read this article. After reading you will know almost everything about clixsense. 

Already I also spent a few hours to write this article and my some years of experience is also included. To understand this just invest your few minutes! 

Clixsense Basic Information

Clixsense is the Popular online platform to make money online running successfully since 2007. This is the platform where an advertiser can advertise their product and publishers can also make money from it.

This is Clixsense Address as per their official contact details:

210 Bates Retreat
Hampstead, NC 28443

You can also contact them by submitting the ticket here.

Clixsense Money Making Method


There are various ways to make money using clixsense like,

  • By viewing ads 
  • Completing Surveys
  • Completing different offers
  • Completing tasks
  • Playing the Clixgrid games
  • ClixSenseResearch
  • Shopping online
  • Referring friends 

And there are some more ways available by which you can make money. It depends on you which skills do you have. Choose task according to your expertise.


Let’s Discuss some of the tasks by which you can make money online with clixsense.


Make Money With Clixsense By Finishing Survey Daily Offer

clixsense survey

Look at the screenshot above taken from my account. You can finish survey on daily basis for this you have to click on survey option and you will find the survey offer like shown in the pics above.

You have to spend some time and give your genuine opinion for survey and before starting the survey, you can see how much money you will be rewarded to finish the survey. Choose survey task which pays high and also check daily basis survey.

clixsense get paid offer

  • You can also make money by viewing the advertisement also.
  • Playing clixgrid games also great ways for game lovers.
  • You can earn some money by finishing the task like crowd-sourcing small task
  • Some easy ways also available like sign up on the website, posting ads on classifieds website and you will be paid.
  • Sometimes you will receive sign up the offer in various websites or get paid for sending mail task.
  • There are some tasks like downloading the software and there are lots of work to be done regularly that must be checked for more profitable work.

How I made $3607 approx more than 2 lakh in Indian Currency. Check the screenshot below for existing clixsense payment proof of PayPal.

clixsense paypal payment proof

(To see full screen you can click on image and then click open image in new tab to see full-screen view)

clixsense latest payment proof

Dear friends as I promised in starting of the article I am sharing here my case study and experience how I made this earning from clixsene and you have already seen payment proof.

But I think after seeing this PayPal report your reaction like this may be :p

 clixsense earning payment proof onlinejoboffer.net

How To make more money With Clixsense? 

  • All the money you can see in the screenshot I Earned just by referring my friends and finishing some survey task.
  • It is easy If you have good friends in social media then you can also share your links with your friends.
  • If you have some Facebook pages, fan pages, good followers on twitter then share links of your clixsense referral link.
  • If you are a blogger and you have traffic on your website then you can also recommend your visitor to sign up with your referral income.
  • You can Also recommend this article to show proof of earning.

clixsense payment proof

Check screenshot above, most of the income I made is from referral. This, if you want to make more than you must work smart, not hard. Promote your referral link like mad! 

Commenting on the relevant blog will also help you to gain some more referral income.

Clixsense Payment Method How to get paid?


You can see in screenshot which payment method available to withdraw money. Before clixsense has PayPal option but sadly right now they removed PayPal payment receiving from their system.

The exact reason I don’t know but one of them may be PayPal charge more than 4 USD per transaction. Maybe, for this reason, clixsense removed this option.

Somehow right now there are 4 options available by which you can withdraw your money.

Minimum cashout in clixsense

As per Clixsense Official Statement, they said;

“Minimum balance to cash out is $6 for Premium members and $8 for Standard members, for Paytoo, Payza, Tango Card only. (For other options please see table below.

When will you get Paid From Clixsense?

They also mentioned in their Official Faq page;

“Electronic cashouts (Paytoo, Payza, Tango Card, Payoneer) are processed daily. Your cashout will be entered in the pending queue to be processed and will be done in the order. It is received usually within 4 to 5 business days. It may be longer depending on many circumstances.”

How Much Money Can You Earn From Clixsense?


Dear Friends, There is no limit how much you can earn from clixsense. It depends on you How you promote your referral link, How you are giving priority to this.

One more screenshot I have uploaded, you can see above in image Shown all the payment Received from clixsene. And still, I am making money.

Nowadays I am making less money than previous but surely will make more money I will promote my links also.

If you want to start working and make money online with clixsense then you can click below and join with my referral link and start earning.

Sign Up For Clixsense 

I already Spent a whole day to write this awesome and helpful guide. I hope you enjoyed this article and start making money with it. If you have any query regarding this you can also comment below I will respond to your comment.