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Want to know your jurisdiction by your pan card or if you are looking for your pan jurisdiction by pan card no in 2017 then check this article step by step guide given with screenshot.

Practical Guide to Know your pan jurisdiction by your pan card no

As if you are an Indian citizen you must be aware of some jurisdictional functions of PAN Number. If you are searching for some fruitful information, then you are on the right page and I am sure you will be full of knowledge about this stuff. It will be much better if I stick to the core point rather than discussing all history.


Keep in mind PAN card is not considered as proof of Indian citizenship. It is a common need for financial purposes, transaction and initiating bank account or receiving government jobs salaries.  

PAN card is useful for the ones those are paying Income Tax. Many of us might be unaware of some authorities and rules, so hereby are the answers to your question.

First of all get your mind clear about the meaning of Jurisdiction:


 the meaning of pancard Jurisdiction:


It is a legal authority that is authorized in a particularly restricted area by courts and other constitutions such as political or governmental authorities and a couple of times the law enforcement agencies. There is no value of any case in the court without submitting proper jurisdictions.

Secondly, What a PAN Jurisdiction holds on: 

As many as facilities are available online for PAN Jurisdiction and there are lakhs of accounts, the server might get some problems a few times. Hence you may find the other way out for contacting the Income Tax Department and verify the Tax payment concerns.


At this moment and problem, you must be aware of Tax Ward and AO (assessing officer) or jurisdiction. There are various officers based on the income of citizen, and these jurisdiction officers are not permanent. Thus the assessing officer is found on the basis of 10 digit code database information that is saved in the Income Tax Department.


This is must information, or else it is difficult at the time if you lost your PAN card; then it is problematic to get the new or the duplicate one. So there is need of knowing about your assessing officer who might find a way out for you.


The PAN card number holds AO number, AO code, Range code, and AO code. As if the assessing officer is the most important requirement of PAN cardholder because the holder is known by AO officer. You must be all aware of this, or else you may face some problems at some intervals.


As I have said in above some para, there are lakhs of PAN card holder and hence Income Department has recruited assessing officers for each Cardholder according to the city. Assessing officer evaluates and checks your payments, refunds or return procedures.

 assessing officers pan jurisdiction

According to your city, the assessing officers are appointed and they even have the right to decide your income tax payments.

Whenever you switch on to some other places by any reason, you have to change your address and Jurisdiction AO. Mostly this problem is for married women and girls, as they change their cities after marriage they have to diversify their address.


Two Fundamental Procedures For Changing Your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer: 

  • Primarily To change your address and assessing officer you need to contact your Jurisdictional officer.
  • Secondarily write an application or appeal to an Income Tax Department for changing Address and AO.

Here I have made an extremely easy step by step ways for you by inputting images so that you can get a clear idea to know your PAN card Jurisdiction:

1. Click on the log in the link of income tax (

2. Suppose you have already logged in, then it is easy for you. Choose the Log in alternative and click on the ‘Service’ option. You will find some choices, and here you will get the option of “Know Your Jurisdictional A.O.


step 2 to know your PAN jurisdiction


3. Similar to other accounts, input your User Id and Password. Solve the given Captcha and move on ahead.


step 3 to know your PAN jurisdiction

4. Thus you are at your destination, get the details of your Jurisdictional Assessing officer.

step 4 to know your PAN jurisdiction

It is mandatory to register on the e-filling website. Hence below are the steps that are processed by yourself:


1) Log in to link incometaxindiaefiling


2) On the main page, you will visualize the option of “New User Register Now”. Click on to the option.


step 2 for new user

3) You will find many details that are filled by yourself and this step holds the option of choosing Individual or HUF choices. According to it input the option and click the SUBMIT button and CONTINUE.


step 3 for new user


4) In Step 1 option you will find of filling up the general details that are as follows: PAN, Surname, Middle Name, First Name and Date of Birth respectively.

step 4 for new user 

5) Step 2 asks to add information of Password, Personal detail, contact details, address and at last the captcha code. Even each of these details has more additional information that is not all mandatory.

step for personal details


step 5 contact details


step 5 for address details


step 5 captcha code


6) Mission Successful (lol!) you will find Registration Successful.You will receive OTP code in your mobile and other details will be shown as and when you click the given choices. 

step 6

7) Your screen will show: Log in Id and Password Generating. 

step 7 that takes to step 2


8)  So, at last, you will be able to see Jurisdictional A.O by your own account.


I hope this was enough and beneficial data that is generally required for the PAN card holder.  If there are any queries, you may ask freely and drop your comments in the comment box.

All your questions will be answered. Stay updated through these PAN Card details as it is one of the important documents for entrepreneurs and salary holding people in India.


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