HOW TO APPLY – Analyze the instructions attentively before submitting an online application.


⇒ Freelancers Hiring Process (Step1)

Have a look at details and review the hiring process before submitting your application. Hence you can fix the errors if found before submission.

Check Latest Job Openings: You can easily check the current openings on the site by clicking here which will definitely help you to start up with your career if you are a fresher. The page holds various categories and availabilities of a job that is currently vacant.

Choose Task According To Skills: Select the job categories depending on the skills and qualifications you possess. Once go through the details, wage modes and submitting the demo work before initiating or applying.

Send Your Job Application: As and when you have selected your category and gone through details, you have to send your basic information through the online application form or email. The application form option is available in each job category.

Submit Demo Work: Your job application form will be examined by the experts and you will be given the task or project to complete in a given time interval. You have to submit the work on a given link or email. 

Experts Examination: Once you have submitted the demo project, the experts will forward the job application at a further following level. Your examination of work can be so simple or it may be strict even to check the genuine quality. Overall the examination process is random. 

Appointment Letter: You will be offered an appointment letter after the work examination and interview section. Once all the formalities are completed, you will be working for the Employers with the title mentioned in the appointment letter. You will receive the best payout for your hard work. 

⇒ Form Submission Rules (Step 2)

You need to have a look at details of How To Fill Application Form before submitting an online form. Proceed further for the next level.

  1.  Specifications: The requirements and specifications vary depending on the job category or the career you decide to choose. If asked to go through the age criteria. 
  2. Time To Fill Up Form: For the first time it will take 10-15 minutes. The next time it will be less time than before as some of your applications are saved.
  3. Amendment After Submission: You will not find any option to change your application after submission. So cross-check each detail before finalizing and hitting the Submit Button. 

Few Key Points: 

  • The age criteria must be kept in mind before applying. 
  • Keep the form neat and clean and accurate too.
  • Focus on the skills or talent and choose the desired job category.
  • Keep in mind your skills and the job correlates you are applying for.
  • Research about the work you are applying to.
  • Before submitting the form, you need to recheck it carefully.
  • You must have an extra copy of the application form.
⇒ Provide Sample Project  (Step 3)

Subsequently, go through the instructions to submit the sample project work of your desired job work. You have to finish and submit the work in a fixed time phase.