Fruit Picking Jobs is one of the most trending and interesting jobs picked by backpackers and travelers in Australia. Along with Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia, most users also search for the fruit picking jobs with accommodation. This allows the users to stay and get food at working place. Fruit picking jobs are also known as Harvesting Jobs, Seasonal Jobs, and Summer Jobs etc.

Now, you might have many questions for Fruit Picking Jobs including Fruit Picking Australia Pay Rates, the best place to work, locations, fruits to be picked, visa, timing period, fruit picking seasons Australia etc.

I suggest our users take a time and get a close view of the post available here. I am sure you will be able to find every detail and answers for your questions related to harvesting jobs in Australia, fruit picking, and concerns. Of course, it takes some time to idea job. But, I am sure you will find perfect fruit and vegetable picking job here.

?TIP– It is important that you full all the Fruit Picking Australia Jobs Requirements to check whether you are eligible for the fruit picking job or not.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

Fruit Picking Jobs with Accommodation in Australia

  • Living onsite might be compulsory at some of the jobs. Other gives you the option to stay on-site or stay wherever you want to.
  • Accommodation might be free of charge. Some of the organizers also take charge from you for giving you accommodation on site and food facilities.
  • Accommodation in Australia gives service of washing machine and kitchen.
  • Some of the lodgings organize your transportation.

Basically, if you want accommodation with your jobs, you can get an idea here. Hostels and Caravan are two types of facilities which are offered by organizers and farmers from the farms.

Transportation It would be tough for you to reach the farm site.

Also, if the organizers do not arrange transportation then you have to pay for it.

There will be no issues with transportation here.
Food and Cooking It would be easy here as there are plenty of people will be living there with you. You might need to access over kitchen by yourself.
Part-Time | Full-Time Job Option If you are doing the part-time then choose to stay in hostels. It offers you to travel the country and pleasure. Full timers are suggested to stay in a caravan park which gives you an advantage of less wastage of time over hostels.

?TIP– Choose to stay at hostels if you have visited the Australia for traveling and want to enjoy wonders around the country with earnings.

Fruits Picking Jobs Pay Rates | Salary

Fruit Picking Australia Salary | Pay Rates

A salary and pay rate basically depends on what kind of work do and how much work you do. AUD$21.6/ hour is the basic rate which paid to pickers at the farms. It is notable that the pay rate can change accordingly locations and works you do. Many organizations also vary the pay rates from AUD$20/ hour to AUD$25/ hour.

Following table contains the information on how you can earn more by picking fruits.

Get paid according to counting the hours you work on the farms. Get paid by counting the pieces you have harvested or planted. According to how much you have completed the work.
Kind of salary based work. The working hours added at the end of the day and you get paid for the hours you work. The MORE TIME you will work, the more you will get paid. The MORE WORK you will complete, the more you will get paid. Piece rate paying scales has nothing to do with the time you have given.

?TIP– If you are good at learning things faster then choose to work with piece rate. And choose to get paid for the hours you work if you can work continuously for a long time.

Fruit Picking Jobs Requirements | Rules

Plenty of requirements and rules are there which must be fulfilled by users in order to eligible for fruit picking or harvesting jobs. Many of rules are also there which are conveyed by Australian Government.

  • 3 months is the minimum time that users need to work as a fruit picker. Users are allowed to work for a longer time but not allowed to work less than 3 months.
  • Users must carry fruit picking jobs Australia visa in order to visit the Australia for fruit picking jobs.
  • Sunglass, sunscreen lotion, cap/hat, backpacks, gloves, water bottles etc. will be useful at the time of job where you would like to work.
  • It is also notable that Australian government is very strict with the rules and terms that have been listed.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia ?

Fruit Picking Jobs Australia

?Fruit Harvesting Jobs, picking jobs, planting jobs and other related jobs are one of the best ways to earn in Australia. Plenty of locations are there across the country which offers different types of fruits picking jobs.

?The main season for fruit picking in Australia is from December to May. Oranges, apples, bananas, chestnuts, potatoes, carrots and tomatoes, tropical fruits, including bananas, mangoes and pineapples are most grown fruits and vegetables in Australia.

?It is notable that various locations and states grow various fruits and vegetables across the country. Also, various locations offer varying paying rates and salary. Now the table below contains every detail related to Fruit Picking Harvest Jobs Australia for various states and various jobs.

Fruit Picking Jobs Queensland | QLD

Fruit Picking Jobs Queensland?Main harvesting season- From NOVEMBER to JANUARY.

?Most Grown Crops- Bananas, sugar cane, beans, seasonal fruits and vegetables, cattle, cotton, and wool.

?Grown across Queensland- Apples, Avocados, Bananas, Citrus, Custard apples, Leeches, Macadamias, Mangoes, Papaya, Pineapples, Stone fruit, Strawberries, Wine grapes etc.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Queensland

Harvesting Season Locations Crops
Feb – Mar Stanthorpe Pears & Apples
Feb – Apr St George Rock Melon
Sunshine Coast Ginger
Mar – Dec Bundaberg Vegetables
Apr – Jun Mundubbera Citrus
Apr – Oct Lockyer Valley Various
Apr – Nov Mary Valley Beans
Apr – Dec
  • Bowen
  • Ayr
Tomatoes & Vegetables
May – Oct Toowoomba Broccoli
May – Dec
  • Ayr
  • Ingham
  • Innisfail
Sugar Cane
Jul – Sep Sunshine Coast Ginger
Jul – Dec Lockyer Valley Onions
Nov – Feb Mareeba
  • Mango
  • Leech
  • Avocado
  • Banana
Nov – Jan Stanthorpe Plums
  • Goondiwindi
  • St George
Oct – Jan Stanthorpe Peaches
Nov – Mar
  • Toowoomba
  • Milleran
Dec – Jan
  • Innisfail
  • Tully
Bananas & Sugar
Dec – Mar Stanthorpe Various

Fruit Picking Jobs New South Wales

Fruit Picking Jobs New South Wales?Main harvesting season- All year long.

?Most Grown Crops- Sheep, cattle, pigs, hay, maize, nuts, wool, wheat, apples, cherries, pears, legumes, rice, vegetables.

?New South Wales is one of the choicest places to choose your job. Most backpackers and travelers have a dream to work in NSW.

Fruit Picking Jobs in New South Wales

Harvesting Season Locations Crops
Jan – Mar Young Stonefruit
Feb – Mar Young Prunes
Feb – Mar Orange Pears
Feb – Mar
  • Leeton
  • Hunter Valley
Feb – Apr Orange Apples
Mar – Apr Tumbarumba Grapes
Mar – May Batlow Apples
Mar – Jun
  • Narrabri
  • Mooree
Cotton Picking
Sep – Oct Gundagai Asparagus
Sep – Dec Cowra Asparagus
Sep – Apr Griffith Oranges
Nov – Dec
  • Young
  • Orange
Nov – Apr Lecton Oranges
Dec – Jan Griffith Onions
Dec – Mar Tumut


Stone Fruit
Dec – Apr Tumbarumba Blueberries

Fruit Picking Jobs Victoria

Fruit Picking Jobs Victoria?Main harvesting season- From NOVEMBER to APRIL.

?Most Grown Crops- Orchard fruits, tomatoes, tobacco, grapes and soft fruits.

?Murray River area is one of the best places to work in Victoria.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Victoria

Harvesting Season Locations Crops
Jan – Apr
  • Ardmona
  • Shepparton
  • Rochester
Jan – Apr
  • Ardmona
  • Shepparton
  • Cobram
  • Pears
  • Peaches
  • Apples
Jan – Apr
  • Ovens
  • King & Kiewa Valleys
Feb – Mar
  • Lake Boga
  • Swan Hill
  • Nyah West
Feb – Apr
  • Ovens
  • King & Kiewa Valleys
Mar – Apr
  • Buckland Valley
  • Stanley
  • Wandilong
  • Red Hill
  • Main Range
Sep – Nov Dalmore Asparagus
Oct – Dec Silvan Strawberries
Nov – Feb
  • Boweya
  • Glenrowan
  • Wagandary
Nov – Feb
  • Wandin
  • Silvan
Cherries & Berries
Nov – Dec
  • Echuca
  • Rochester
Tomato Weeding

Fruit Picking Jobs Tasmania

Fruit Picking Jobs Tasmania?Main harvesting season- From DECEMBER to MAY.

?Most Grown Crops- Apples, pears, stone fruits, hops, grapes, berries.

?Apples are the most grown fruits in Tasmania.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Tasmania

Harvesting Season Locations Crops
Jan – Feb Bicheno Scallop Splitting
Feb – Apr
  • Huon
  • Tamar Valley
Mar – Apr
  • Scottsdale
  • New Norfolk
  • Devenport
Mar – May
  • Hunter Valley
  • Tasman Peninsula
  • West Tamar
Dec – Jan
  • Channel District
  • Huon
  • Kingborough
  • Derwent Valley
Soft Fruit

Fruit Picking Jobs South Australia

Fruit Picking Jobs South Australia?Main harvesting season- From FEBRUARY to APRIL.

?Most Grown Crops- Different fruits and vegetables.

?Adelaide Hills and Riverlands are most crop site across the South Australia.

Fruit Picking Jobs in South Australia

Harvesting Season Locations Crops
Jan – Mar Riverland Dried Fruits
Feb – Apr Riverland Grapes & Peaches
Feb – Apr
  • Southern Vales
  • Barossa Valley
Feb – Apr Adelaide Hills Apples & Pears
Feb – Aug Adelaide Hills Brussel Sprouts
Jun – Aug Riverland Oranges
Jun – Sep Riverland Pruning
Sep – Jan Riverland Oranges
Oct – Feb Adelaide Hills Strawberries
Dec – Feb Riverland Apricots

Fruit Picking Jobs Western Australia

Fruit Picking Jobs Western Australia?Main harvesting season- From OCTOBER to JUNE.

?Grapes, Apples & Pears, Rock Melons, Tomatoes, Bananas, Wildflowers, Mangoes, Rock Lobster, and  Fishing are the crops mostly seen in Western Australia.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Western Australia

Harvesting Season



Jan – Mar
  • Margaret River
  • Swan Valley
  •  Mt Barker
Mar – May
  • Pemberton
  • Donnybrook
  • Manjimup
Apples & Pears
Mar – Oct Carnavon Prawning & Scalloping
May – Sep Kununurra Zucchini & Rock Melons
Apr – Nov Coorow Melons
Jun – Dec Carnavon Melons & Tomatoes
Jul – Aug Kununurra Bananas
Jul – Dec
  • Coorow
  • Muchea
Oct – Jan Kununurra Mangoes
Nov – Jun
  • Fremantle
  • Kalbarri
  • Dongara
  • Geraldton
  • Broome
Rock Lobster
All Year Broome Fishing

Fruit Picking Jobs Northern Territory

Fruit Picking Jobs Northern Territory?Main harvesting season- All year.

?3 months fruits picking jobs are easily available in Northern Territory.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Northern Territory

Harvesting Season Locations Crops
Mar – Oct
  • Katharine
  • Darwin
Oct – Nov
  • Katharine
  • Darwin
All Year
  • Katharine
  • Darwin
Citrus & Bananas
All Year Darwin Asian Vegetables & Cutting Flowers

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