Frequently Asked Questions

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➦ Is there a fee to join the Kittyjobs team?

No, there are no fees.

➦ Do I have to be a legal resident of the USA?

Don’t require, Anybody can apply from anywhere in the World.

➦ Are colleagues hired as employees or are they independent contractors?

Yes, All associates are hired as independent contractors.

➦ Are positions part-time or full-time?

KittyJobs offers both part-time and full-time positions. Associates must be ready to train full time, 40 hours per week.

➦ How will I receive support at home?

You will have a Subject Matter Expert and dedicated Coach that will be available to support you by live instant message chat and email.

➦ How much does an associate get paid?

Pay rates vary depending on the skill and experience sets required for each client.

➦ Does Kittyjobs pay by the hour or by the project?

Associates are paid by the hour. So, if you work for 5 hours, you will be paid for 5 hours.

➦ Will I get to choose which project I work on?

Our recruiters will work with you to assure you are placed on a project that is the best fit for your skills and experience.

➦ What are the requirements for my workspace?

Independent contractors will require to give a space that is noise and distraction-free. Be aware that common distractions may include interruptions from family members, television, music, cell phones, pets and doorbells.

➦ What schedules are available?

Schedules for each position will vary depending on client requirements. When hiring for a project, prospective agents will receive an email listing the available schedules.

➦ Is there a fee associated with the credit check, criminal background check, or drug screen?

Fees associated with the credit check, background check, and drug screen are paid by Kttyjobs. There is no cost to the candidate.

➦ Who is is a recruitment agency working in the field of outsourcing business to link the employees and employers together to the benefit of both.

➦ How does Kittyjobs pay?

Associates are paid bi-weekly. We help our associates to enroll for PayPal payment systems.

➦ Will I have support during training?

Yes, a trainer will be there to offer help every step of the way.

➦ Am I paid for training?

Yes, training classes are paid by the hour. If the training class is for forty hours, you will be paid for forty hours.

➦ How long is training?

Training for jobs will vary depending on the complexity of the task. Training can last from 3 to 6 weeks.

➦ Do I need to complete a training program?

Yes, all associates are expected to attend an online training class. The length of the training class will be based on the complexity of the project.

➦ What equipment or materials will I need for training?

You will be needed to download software that will be available online. You will require your Kittyjobs approved headset and telephone. We will give details about each when you are offered a position.

➦ Will my training schedule be the same as my work schedule?

No, work schedules and training schedules won’t be the same. Work schedules will depend on our client’s volume. We will try to organize training classes so they are close to the work schedules being offered.

➦ What happens if I can’t attend every training class?

Don’t miss any training classes. If you miss even one class you will be released from the project. Kittyjobs does not allow make-up training classes. A lot of information is covered in each class; missing one class would be harmful to your success on the project.

➦ Do I need to have a long-distance plan?

 No, a long-distance phone plan is not needed.

➦ Can I use any Internet Service Provider?

You can use any ISP (Internet service provider) as long as it meets our needed upload/download speeds and service is provided via DSL or cable modem.

➦ Can I work from my local coffee shop?

Yes, you can work from your office or home, from anywhere.

➦ If I accepted a position where I provided my personal equipment will Kittyjobs ever have access to the personal information on my computer?

No, the Kittyjobs software respects the privacy of you and your data. It can’t access files or data on your computer.