Top 10 Build an Empire Quotes 2020

I hope you’re doing awesome. And today I’m with my advice for every 16-24 year old based on my learning in the journey.

 Work Damn Hard everyday – You’ve no other option. Work 16-18 Hours a day constantly for these 8 years. Learn things, explore opportunities, run as much fast as you can. Just remember, you don’t have even a single second to waste.

Take Blind Risks – Yes, a lot of people may disagree, but this is the best secret to grow. Take any many risks as you can – Build Business, experiment, take financial risks, do everything you can imagine if it’s not creating a problem for others. Just go ahead.

Stop Chasing Money – This is one of the most important factors in this age, Stop chasing money. I know you’re too much excited to prove yourself to your family, society and all – You just want to be cool, rich guy overnight with best lifestyle and premium gadgets. Just stop here. Stop looking for quick money.

Avoid Social Media Lifestyle – This is one of the major things I have seen. People are following some influencers on Instagram or Facebook, and need the same lifestyle, that same heavy gadget, car, dressing and all.

Avoid chasing the lifestyle of social media. You might have huge money, but you don’t have time for that now. Focus on your goals. These are golden years, use them very very wisely.
Choose Your Circle – Getting a huge number of friends is cool, but trust me, you don’t need that. You can call me Antisocial, but choose people very very wisely.

You need goal-oriented people around you. You need people who can help you achieve your goal. Just remember that you’re creating your surroundings with your friends, and that’s what will decide your future.

 Keep Society Aside – As I said in my previous post as well, Stop thinking about others’ opinion. If you think it’s right, Go ahead. Stop trying to prove yourself to everyone. If they think you’re right – Fine, if not, then also Fine.

 Expand Rapidly – Expand yourself in multiple sectors, multiple industries, multiple businesses. Expand your team, your business, your products in multiple verticals. Make sure your eggs are distributed in multiple baskets for maximum safety.

Avoid Dependency From Anyone – I have seen people starting their business with cash from their Family. Please don’t do that. Learn from the initial struggle of building something without money.

Don’t skip any step with the help of family, no matter how rich your family is. You must have to follow all the steps in this journey to win the game for long term. The struggle of managing a team of 12 members with zero coins in your pocket is also learning. Don’t skip it.

 Put Ethics First Before Anything – One of the most important things in business you’ll learn the very hard way later on if skipped. Make sure that your ethics are first always, before anything – No matter money, comfort, growth or anything.

Never sacrifice your ethics for any reason. Loses can be recovered easily, but once those ethics are broken, it’ll be really tough to recover. You might not see the problem initially, but time is a great master always.

 Respect People Around You – The person can be your office cleaning guy, watchman, your employee, your customer or anyone. Make sure to respect them. Sharing a smile never costs anything, just do your best.

This is not for your business growth, but your social responsibility. The world needs people who care & change, not the ones who complain.

That’s all I can think about at almost 3 AM at midnight. May be will add some more points later on.

This is what I’ve learned in my 11+ years of journey in the industry with thousands of hours of content in books, videos, talks and all, and experienced in real life. Stay Connected  

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