TOP 10 CLOTHING BRANDS IN INDIA | Best Clothing Brands in India

TOP CLOTHING BRANDS IN INDIA will be the primary element you would love to check when you are a brand-oriented shopper and searching for Best Clothing Brands in India

TOP 10 CLOTHING BRANDS IN INDIA and Best Clothing Brand For MEN and WOMEN including Casual Wear, Formal Wear and Party Wear are discussed in detail here. C

Well, if you searching for any brand-related issues which concern your lifestyle and looks, you are at the right location, my friend. Every detail related to Men and Women clothing and apparel has been included in this post.

Searching clothes and apparels for the special occasion is quite tough these days, especially when you planning the occasion since long. It is also notable that attractive clothes always attract the eyes first.

Now, if you are searching perfect brand which offers you the type of clothes you searching for from party wear, ethnic wear, casual wear, formal wear, nightwear, season wear or accessories I suggest our users grab a cup of coffee or something and take a close look at the post available here. I am sure you will be able to find Top 10 Clothing Brands in India details.

Best Clothing Brands In India


Clothing brands in India are not all Indian clothing brands. Most of the leading apparel brands in India are foreign famous clothing brand chain. Indian fashion brands are totally dependent on foreign fashion. Plenty of outlets of these have stores in big cities and town across the country while the cities and towns where outlets cannot reach provides the brand through leading online shopping sites.



Levi’s is the best brand in most of the customer’s view, specifically when the customers know what does brand apparels mean to them. Extraordinary jeans quality, fittings and uncomparable cuttings define the brand. There are over 200 cities in India which offer the brand outfits throughout more than 400 outlets. Levi’s is mostly known for their jeans. The fabric quality they use is what makes the brand most popular clothing brand in India and so in the world.

Levi’s offer jeans in casual pants and shirts, formal trousers and shirts, tees and polos, capris and shorts, skirts, dresses, tops, leather jackets and overcoats, season wear, sweaters, jackets and coats in clothing for the man, women and also kids. The brand also offers accessories including shoes, belts, caps, wallets, bags and more. Most of the customers who order the clothing in this brand are casual wear.

Users can buy Levi’s brand clothes or accessories from direct outlets. Most of the leading Indian online shopping sites also offer Levi’s brand clothing and accessories through the delivery system. Find Levi’s official outlets at Levi’s store finder.



Allen Solly is the brand stands for tip top and fit hit shirtings. The brand offers casual wear and formal wear shirts of best in their class. Many sites and clothing sites also rate this brand on top of their list.

Without any doubt, Allen Solly is one of the best brands in its class. But we can compare it with Levi’s. Chinos and coloured pants & trousers are one of the top leading clothing item offered by Allen Solly. This brand also offers slim fit suitings and shirtings which makes the customers choose the brand over other brands.

Allen Solly brand gives wide varieties of selection in formal wear, casual wear and sportswear for men, women and kids. The brand offers shirts, denim pants & shirts, formal trousers, shirts, blazers & suits, ties and jackets & sweaters etc.The brand also offers verities of accessories including sunglasses, sneakers, formal, sports and casual footwear, wallets, belts etc.

If you want to find the Allen Solly stores nearby you, you can also find stores here at Allen Solly store locator. Users can also buy the brand clothes and accessories from leading online shopping sites in India.



Park Avenue brand is owned and franchised by the brand named RAYMOND. If you are an Indian, hopefully, you know what the name Raymond stands for. It is probably the best formal wear brand which is available in India. The brand offers very high-quality fabrics and perhaps finest craftsmanship in the country.

Park Avenue by Raymond offers formal, casual and party wear for Men and Women. The brand offers casual shirts, formal shirts, polos, tees, trousers, casual pants, casual jackets, overcoats etc. Blazers and formal overcoats by Park Avenue are one of the most liked items of clothing. Sunglasses, shoes, perfumes, deodorants, socks, ties, hankies are also available in the accessories.

There are about 700 to 800 stores of Park Avenue in India. Users can buy the brand clothes from the stores and from leading online shopping websites. You can search the stores by Park Avenue here at the Park Avenue Stores.


Provogue is another famous Indian brand, which is rated by most of the fashion designers across the country. The Provodue brand is popular in clothing for their party wears. Party wear men’s clothes and women party wear skirts are most famous items of clothing offered by Provogue. Perfect fittings and party wear innovations are what defines this brand.

The brand offers casual, formal and party wear for men and women including trousers, denim, jeans, shirts and tees, skirts, dresses, blouses, tops, shorts, underwears, jackets, sweaters, overcoats etc. The accessories of the brand also offer footwear, wallets, deodorants, watches, ties etc.

There are around 370 stores of this brand all across the country. Interested can buy the clothes either at the stores or buy it online. You can find the Provogues stores nearby you at Provogue store locator.



Pepe Jeans is one of the top clothing brands known all across the world. Pepe Jeans is one of the all-time popular brands amongst youth generation. The brand is well known for the offered quality fabrics of jeans and stylings & sharp cuts. Casual dresses, skirts and men’s wear are offered with class by Pepe Jeans.

The brand offers Casual, formal and party wear dresses form men and female including denim, trousers and pants, shirts and t-shirts, polos and tees, tops, skirts, casual jackets, overcoats etc. The brand also offers bags, footwear, sunglasses, belts and wallets as accessories.

You can buy Pepe Jeans brand clothes from online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong etc. You can find the Pepe stores in India here where you can have shopping pleasure with Pepe Jeans brand stores.

6. LEE


Lee is one of the brands in India and also around the globe. The brand is very successfully growing clothing business in India. Men and women choose to prefer brand more in casual wear clothing. Fine denim, quality fabrics and long-lasting jeans make this brand more usable amongst users.

Lee brand offer clothing for both female and male. Casual wear, party wear and formal wear are offered by this brand including casual shirts, formal shirts, pants & trousers, tees, polo, tops, skirts, cargo pants, blazers, jackets, overcoats, sweaters, cotton pants etc. You can shop the brand clothes and accessories online or from the store. Find Lee stores here.



Wrangler brand’s licence in India is possessed by Arvind Mills Ltd possesses to manufacture and sell the apparels in the country. Wrangler is one of the best clothing brands in India favoured by youngsters and middle-aged persons amongst country. Casual wear fittings, textures and innovative styling makes the brand popular in the country.

The brand offers to clothe for Men and Women. Formal wear, casual wear and party wear types of clothing have presented the brand including shirts, denim, tops, skirts, polo, tees, t-shirts, suits, jackets, blazers, overcoats, short, trousers, cargos, sweatshirts for both male and female. The brand also offers wallets, hats, belts, caps etc. in accessories.

Many malls, shopping outlets, online shopping sites sell these brand products. If you want to buy the products from the store. Locate the stores in India here.


TOP 10 CLOTHING BRANDS IN INDIA | Best Clothing Brands in India

You can imagine the popularity of this brand from the advertising picture shown above. The Spyker brand is very popular amongst every man who used to wears branded clothes. There are plenty of styling clothes are offered by this brand. Casual styles and jeans are given to both men and women.

Casual wear, formal wear, party wear clothing are offered by the brand. The brand outlasts since long as the variety of products are offered includes Jeans, denim, shirts, cotton jeans, tees, polo, v-neck, jackets, skirts, sweatshirts, stylish tops, sweaters etc. Locate the stores in India here at Spykar store locator. You can also buy the products at online shopping sites.


TOP 10 CLOTHING BRANDS IN INDIA | Best Clothing Brands in India

Flying Machine is one of the most famous brands for those who used to wear casual wear and always in search of new fashion. Youths and youngsters prefer the brand because of its cuts, modern fashion and textures. It is also famous as the brand is always advertised by most popular personalities amongst the country like Sushant Singh Rajput, Virat Kohli, Arjun Kapoor etc.

The company offer clothing for both Men and Women. The brand presents Party Wear, Casual Wear an Formal wear including shirts, t-shirts, trousers, jeans, denim, pants, tops, skirts, polo, tees, jackets, coats, overcoats, sweaters, shorts etc. The accessories including Backpacks, sunglasses, wallets, belts etc. are also liked most amongst youth and youngsters and they prefer to wear. You can buy online products and clothes here at official store site.


TOP 10 CLOTHING BRANDS IN INDIA | Best Clothing Brands in India

Ranveer Singh is enough to show the brand here. Well, it is one of the most famous brands in India with the styling and swagger shown at the store’s product. An extended variety of clothes makes customers visit again and again to the stores. The brand also presents a great quality of jeans and denim clothes.

Casual wears, formal wear, party wear clothing and accessories are presented by this brand for male and female. The brand offers shirts, pants, trousers, denim, jeans, cargo, tops, shorts, skirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, coats, overcoats, specs, sunglasses, boots, shoes etc. for clothing. You can buy the products online or find a store at Jack n Jones Store Locator.

I hope the post was helpful for you to choose the best from TOP CLOTHING BRANDS IN INDIA and pick Best Clothing Brands in India. The information available here was presented after proper searches & collecting the proper records. You can visit the official site for interesting posts and get information related to plenty of useful articles and posts.

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