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Best Bike Under 60000 genuine and legit post might be hard for you to find. As many have the different point of views with the best bikes and what if you like the bike but the author doesn’t. So, what we have done is first get information related to favorite bikes in India under your price rate.

Checking here for top bikes under 60000 in India 2018 will be informative for you as we have had included all specifications of the bike with average, mileage information. Now if you really searching for the best bike to buy under 60000 then grab yourself a coffee or something as this post contains all the details, information and contents related to best bikes in India under 60000 and take a look at post available here very carefully.

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60000 is the category where you can find both performance and within budget bikes. But it might happen that hurry and a single decision can ruin your whole idea of getting a perfect vehicle for you. Read the post available below for Best Bikes under 60000 in India carefully to get full information.

Best Bike Under 60000 In India 2018

As with increments in gearless two-wheelers, the bikes with 100 cc to 110 cc started fading. But still, the users like us keep looking for a bike as a good vehicle to buy. Before you are going to buy there is some specific information you should know then and then you should think to decide a bike to buy. So, get the full details with us and then think of a perfect bike to buy under your budget.

Revolution of bikes in India came with Hero Honda Motorcorp. which after separated in two automotive company as Hero Motorcorp & Honda. Splendor was the first bike which gets the maximum popularity in the country and makes it one of the highest selling bikes in India. There are many such bikes like Hero Honda CD Dawn, Yamaha RX 100, Bajaj Pulsar 2000 model etc. which was at the time best of their class.

Bajaj INS V12

Bajaj INS-Vikrant The invincible is one of the amazing bikes in its class. The v12 model is with features like Widest Tyres in its segment which makes driving comfortable and that’s too with the DTS-i engine with solid to the core. The bike is also with extraordinary mileage of 70 kmpl which makes it perfect bike to pick with style, performance, thrilling all within budget. If you are searching for a perfect Bajaj bike under 60000 in India then INS v12 will be one of your best choices. Read more about the bike at Bajaj Auto official page.

Bajaj INS V12 Price & Specifications

Bajaj INS V12 Price & Specifications

Engine Type Single cylinder, 4 strokes, SOHC 2 valve, Air cooled, DTS-i
Engine Displacement 124.5 cc
Maximum Output 10.7 PS @ 7500 rpm
Maximum torque 10.9 NM @ 5500
Transmission/gear System 5 Speed Transmission (Manual Control)
Average/Mileage 70 Kmpl
Battery 4Ah VRLA
Price ₹ 55,060 (Diwali Offer Included)
Top Speed 103 kmph

Honda Livo

“Time to live. Time to Livo.” One of the class bike from Honda under 110 cc. The bike is with The Honda Eco Technology (HET) equipped & latest emission norms which control the fuel consumption to a certain level. The bike has 5 Step Adjustable Suspension which Provides comfortable ride on all types of roads. One of the amazing features is Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) Dawn, dusk or fog, the impressive headlight which improves visibility at all times. All features and extraordinary feature make it one of popular Honda bikes under 60000 and its class. Read more about the bike at Honda Official Site.

Honda Livo Price & Specifications

Honda Livo Price & Specifications

Engine Type Air cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine
Engine Displacement 109.19 cc
Maximum Output 8.2 bhp @7500 rpm
Maximum torque 9.09nm @5000 rpm
Transmission/gear System N-1-2-3-4 (Manual Control)
Average/Mileage 74 kmpl
Battery 12V 3Ah(MF)
Price ₹ 54,452 (Ex-Showroom)
Top Speed 86 Kmph

Hero Splendor iSmart

The splendor is the other name stands for mileage and most popular selling bike in India. In this bike, the legendary mileage of Splendor appears with increased torque in the all-new 110cc Hero Splendor iSmart engine. And they claim it as “Its time to add more power to your endless journeys”. Bike recently claimed many awards and success in selling and making it one of the Best bikes by Hero under 60000. Read more about the bike at Hero Splendor iSmart official site.

Hero splendor ismart

Hero Splendor iSmart Price & Specification Details

Engine Type Air Cooled, 4 Stroke Single Cylinder, OHC
Engine Displacement 109.15cc
Maximum Output 7 kW @ 7500 RPM
Maximum torque 9 Nm @ 5500 RPM
Transmission/gear System 4 Transmission (Manual)
Average/Mileage 80-90 kmpl
Battery MF4 3Ah
Price ₹ 55,387 (Ex-Showroom)
Top Speed 87 Kmph

Honda CB Shine

The bike is with all new features called Honda’s revolutionary ‘Optimax’ & ‘Ergo tec’ technologies. The bike is powered with newly developed 125cc ‘Optimax’ engine, which maintains Optimum input for maximum output as well as mileage and pickup. Shine is one of the most selling 125 cc bike in India and it is one of the largest selling  Honda bikes under 60000. For more about bike please visit official Honda CB shine Site.

Honda CB Shine

Honda CB Shine Price & Specifications

Engine Type Air cooled, 4 strokes, Si engine
Engine Displacement 124.7 cc
Maximum Output 10 bhp @7,500 rpm
Maximum torque 11 Nm @ 5,500 rpm
Transmission/gear System 4
Average/Mileage 65 kmpl
Battery 3 Ah 12V
Price ₹ 57,511 (ex-showroom)
Top Speed 100 kmph

Hero Passion Pro

Hero Passion Pro is with more features like More mileage, improved power, better driveability, better cold starting ability which attracts the customers to vanished style and thrilling performance of the bike. Hero Passion PRO is the bike which gives both style and performance with the best mileage achievement. With many new features, that make one of the best bikes in its category. Although the engine is only with 100 cc but gives affordable power with class performance. Check full details about the bike here.

Hero Passion Pro Price and Specifications

Hero Passion Pro Price & Specifications

Engine Type Air Cooled, 4 strokes, single cylinder OHC
Engine Displacement 97.2 cc
Maximum Output 8.63 PS @ 8000 rpm
Maximum torque 0.82 kg-m (8.05 N-m) @ 5000 rpm
Transmission/gear System  4 (Manual Control)
Average/Mileage 84 kmpl
Battery MF Battery, MF-4: 12 V 3 Ah ( Self )
Price ₹ 56,247
Top Speed 87 Kmph

Hero Glamour New Model

All new Heroonda Glamour is with 125cc ASFS engine which makes a bike class more performative with guaranteed mileage. And its modern front graphics and bizarre styling add the unique style icon in the become. The bike’s performance and grip will help you stand out and stay ahead of city traffic. The 125 cc with great mileage and performance makes it one of the Hero best bikes below 60000 and different in its class with style and thrills. Read more about the bike at official Hero Motorcorp site.

Hero Glamour New Model Price & Specifications

Hero Glamour Price & Specifications

Engine Type Air cooled with i3sb technology
Engine Displacement 125 cc
Maximum Output 11.4 BHP @7500 rpm
Maximum torque 11 NM @ 6500 rpm
Transmission/gear System 4 Speed (Manual Control)
Average/Mileage 60 kmpl
Battery 12v -3Ah
Price ₹ 56,522 to ₹58,485
Top Speed 91 kmpl

Bajaj Discover 125 cc

Bajaj Discover first came with 100 cc bikes. Also, there are many Discover Models were unleashed by the Bajaj Automotive Company. With this Discover 125 cc it has significant bigger size, new interesting & impressive features, more power at a comparable mileage to any 100 cc bike. The new 125cc DTS-i engine performs 30% extra dynamism power than leading 100cc bikes, and then too, gives comparable mileage. This is what makes this bike still one of the best bikes to buy under 60000 by Bajaj Auto. Read more about the bike Here.

Bajaj Discover 125 cc Price and Specifications

Bajaj Discover 125 Price & Specifications

Engine Type Air cooled with single cylinder
Engine Displacement 125 cc
Maximum Output [email protected] rpm
Maximum torque [email protected]
Transmission/gear System 05 Speed (Manual Control)
Average/Mileage 67 kmpl
Battery 12v – 3Ah
Price ₹ 52,672 (Ex-Showroom Price)
Top Speed 100kmph

TVS Victor New Model

TVS Victor was one of the high-performance bikes with extra relevant strength and mileage bike by TVS. It is included as one of the classic bikes from TVS Two-wheelers. The new model is designed so good with 110 cc engine which keeps the mileage in mind along with speed and picks up performance. It is one of the classic bikes to buy under your budget by TVS. Read more about the bike at TVS official page.

TVS Victor Price & Specifications

TVS Victor Price & Specifications

Engine Type Single cylinder, Air cooled
Engine Displacement 110 cc
Maximum Output 9.4 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Maximum torque 9.4 nm @ 6000 rpm
Transmission/gear System 04 Speed (Manual Control)
Average/Mileage 72 kmpl
Battery 12v – 3 Ah
Price ₹ 52,450 to ₹55,350
Top Speed 90 kmph

Hero Splendor Pro Classic

Splendor again but this time it is with the new avatar. Let’s call it Classic. The same Splendor features with extraordinary singlehood stylings and performance. Single seater makes it more attractive to the youngsters. If you are going to handle the bike only for you then it will be one of the best bikes to buy under 60000 but if you are with someone you should not go for the same bike. Read More about the bike here.

Hero Splendor Pro Classic Price & Specifications

Hero Splendor Pro Classic Price & Specifications

Engine Type Aie cooled 4 stroke cylinder OHC
Engine Displacement 97.2 cc
Maximum Output 6.15 kW @ 8000 rpm
Maximum torque 0.82 kg-m @ 5000 rpm
Transmission/gear System 04 Speed (Manual Control)
Average/Mileage 55 kmpl
Battery 12v – 3 Ah
Price ₹ 51, 660
Top Speed 87 kmph

Honda Navi

The bike is Gearless with all facilities of the bike with strong 110 cc engine. It’s unique style and one of its class makes it attractive amongst the people of India. With very controversies, it became of the unique and highest selling of its kind bike across the country.

They said is; “The New Honda Navi is just like you. Little unsure. Little weird. You can’t really typecast it. Is it a scooter? Ummmmm… Is it a bike? Don’t know. But one thing is for sure, whatever it is, it’s one heck of a fun ride.” Get full details about the bike here.

Honda Navi Price & Notifications

Honda Navi Price & Specifications

Engine Type 4 stroke air cooled single cylinder
Engine Displacement 110 cc
Maximum Output 7.8 [email protected] 7000 rpm
Maximum torque 8.96 nm @ 5500 rpm
Transmission/gear System Gearless
Average/Mileage 60kmpl
Battery 12 v 3 ah
Price ₹ 52,050
Top Speed 81 kmph


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